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In The History Of The Most Boring Sequel Desert Bus VR Launched A Number Of People Online
- Nov 29, 2017 -

In the history of the most boring sequel "Desert Bus VR" launched a number of people online

Do you remember being the most boring game in the history of "Desert Bus"? Today, a new "Desert Bus VR" landed on the Steam platform, supporting HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for free.

In the original Desert Bus game, the player will act as a bus driver and drive a bus from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada and back. The main challenges for players are the following:

1, the game time and the real-time synchronization, that is to say in the game to run a one-way at least 8 hours, while the return will require 8 × 2 = 16 hours of real time.

2, the game did not set any obstacles, there is no sharp turn. Even the other cars and the scenery along the way are not, only the endless desert. There are bus stops along the way, but there are no passengers by the bus stop. In addition, the only change in the game is the 4 hours after the game, your window will fly a green unknown objects. Twelve hours after the game, there will be an evening scene, with no difference other than the dim surrounding color.

3, the player controlled by the bus mechanical problems, if not for direction control will automatically shift to the right out of the road and failed, so the player must continue to operate the game.

4, once the bus went out of range of the road into the desert, it will automatically turn off and can no longer launch, that is, the game failed, you must start over. This will make some players a few hours of effort results go.

5, the game itself can not access the file, which means that players have to play this game must play continuously for 16 hours, and can not stop halfway.

6, the game will drive to the terminal the only reward is to get 1 point, in addition to no other reward.

The current Desert Bus VR game is still boring for eight hours in an endless desert, with occasional steering wheel adjustments. The game also joined the multiplayer online mode, up to four players to play together, passengers can sit in the bus, waving, and throw paper balls to the driver. However, such a boring game really some people play together?