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Huawei Daydream Standard VR Headset Is Coming Soon
- Dec 05, 2017 -

Huawei Daydream standard VR headset is coming soon

When Google first announced its mobile VR headline Daydream, it offered a reference design approach that, like Cardboard, could be used by other makers to build its own device. Huawei is a company using this design, and now it is not far from the introduction of consumer version of the device.

In a recently released document by the FCC, the group did not elaborate on the headline itself, but instead explained the VR handle, the 3dofc motion controller. Huawei's controller is not identical to the original Daydream, with a trigger button similar to the Samsung Gear VR controller and some additional facial buttons. These will allow users to answer and reject incoming calls in the VR and also take screenshots.

The company is located in:

In addition, Huawei devices have the same clear aesthetic as the Daydream version, with touchpads for main navigation and input options.


With these documents released by the FCC, Huawei is likely to release some news in the near future, but it should not be this year. Instead, one month later at CES 2018 or the February / March MWC, Huawei is likely to choose one of the conventions to be officially announced. During CES 2017, it did publish its early headline design. Unlike other Daydream View headlines, the current version of Huawei seems to be limited to Mate Pro9, which reduces the potential user base.

The company is located in:

This is not Huawei's only VR head. Before Daydream, the company released Huawei vr head-end display. The device was released domestically only for P9 and P9 Plus smartphones.