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Google Released Poly API To Further Simplify AR / VR Content Creation
- Dec 02, 2017 -

Google introduced Poly in early November as a way for developers to find 3D resources for their virtual reality and augmented reality projects. Today, it releases the Poly API to streamline the process of consolidating these resources.

Poly has a knowledge-sharing library of 3D objects and scenes, and people can also upload resources they make using Blocks and Tilt Brush, Google's VR authoring tool. Because Poly libraries accept standard objects and material file types, users can also upload models they created using tools outside of Google's ecosystem, such as Oculus Medium.

Once developers have found the resources they want to use, the new Poly Toolkit allows them to quickly import them into Unity and Unrea's engine projects. Google also created sample projects for ARCore and ARKit as examples of getting started with developers.

Users can use filters (such as updated keywords and update dates) and model complexity to search in the Poly library. It is not the only provider of VR and AR resources. For example, Unity Asset Store includes many 3D models and scripts such as camera motion. Some markets, such as CGTrader, also sell 3D models. However, everything in the Poly library is free.